Tiny Tots

When should my Tiny Tot be photographed?

I have 3 age categories that I photograph, just indicate which upon booking.


7 – 10 Months

Babies are best photographed when they are sitting independently but are not yet crawling. This is typically anywhere between 7-10 months of age on average but can vary with each child


10 Months – 3 Years Old

At this stage, your little one should be able to clap their hands together to their favourite song, or yours 🙂

Perhaps a shuffle here or a wave hello there, let’s capture these moments together


4 – 6 Years Old

At this stage baby’s teeth are either all in or on their way out, it is also a time when they become acutely aware of who they are and how they fit into this world.


And oh the stories they can tell! 🙂

How long does a Tiny Tot session go for?

Baby sessions tend to average 60-90 minutes.

When should I book a photography session?

When your baby has started to sit independently, is the best time to book. However, we won’t know exactly when your little one will reach this stage, so you will be the best placed to monitor this and call in when the time is right for you.

Cake Smash

When should I schedule a cake smash session?

At least 2 weeks in advance would be required for a cake smash session, this gives us enough time to prepare your cake and props for the day of the shoot. It also gives you some time to prepare baby for the shoot with a little cup cake of their own.

What should my child wear?

I prefer to make sure nothing distracts from capturing your child’s authenticity, so I always recommend neutral tones. I’ve put together a ‘what to wear’ guide for you to download here

What if my child doesn't eat the cake?

This does happen.  Some children love the cake smash and dig right in.  Others are hesitant. I recommend making a cupcake or small cake and introducing the cake smash idea before (a few days/weeks before) our session date.  This way, your child will be familiar with the process and will know that they can smash the cake. Also, bring or have on hand puffs or cheerios so we can stuff them into the cake.  Your child will want to grab them out of the cake and eat it.

How will we clean up?

I will bring paper towels, a garbage bag, and water to clean up.  I recommend changing your child right at the cake smash site. Have wipes and a change of clothes ready to go.

What will happen after the session?

After your session, I will start working on your images and put up a sneak peek on Facebook within 48 hours. In approximately 1-2 weeks from the sneak peak, your images will be ready for download and a link will be sent to you to download the images.


In 2 weeks your prints will also be ready to be collected or delivered as per your preference.

General Questions

What is your payment term?

We accept payments mainly through online bank transfers.


Confirmation of booking is after a deposit payment is completed.


Any amount due will be stated in the invoice with respective due dates, and you are given 5 working days to settle the payment from the time invoice is issued or session is done.

When can we expect to see our photos?

After your photo session is done, we will need anytime from 1 week to 2 weeks to complete editing your photos and preparing your prints, with proof that the latest payment amount has been received.

What is your style?

My style has been described as clean, simple and organic. I prefer not to over-clutter or over-accessorise. The one tangible theme that I work with across every session I do is that it is all about the baby. For that reason, my styling remains minimalistic, modern and fresh. Clothing choices for babies remain simplistic, and I would be happy to talk through any other styling considerations in detail prior to your session.

What if we need to change our photo session date?

Cancellations or change of date will need to be done 24 hours before the shoot date.

In the unforeseen event of sickness/death in the family/work commitment, etc.

ONE (1) complimentary postponement within 1-3 months will be given. Otherwise, client will forfeit their session booking.

The extended postponement is possible with additional R400 surcharge for every month extension thereof.

What is your studio policy?

Each of our clients is very valuable to us and because we want to make each photography experience as easy possible and out of fairness to both our clients and ourselves we enforce the following studio policies for all sessions.


Session Information:

Please arrive for your session 15 minutes early to park, prepare yourself and or your child for the shoot.


If you are over 15 minutes late for your scheduled time, Dainty Pixels reserves the right to cancel your session. Keep in mind that weekend sessions are in high demand and although we will go to great lengths to meet your scheduling needs, these sessions book well in advance.


This or the session will be conducted for the shortened time frame. No time extension will be given for your photos session if you arrive late. Although we prefer to give enough time to our sessions we want to make sure to maintain the quality of work you receive from the session as well as be considerate for the sessions thereafter.


Additional Note: No Cameras are allowed during the session.

Limited usage of cell phones or recording devices is allowed during the sessions. However, this can become very distracting to the subjects (especially children) and the photographer and we would prefer that it is kept to a minimum.